Rainbow Ribbon Jello

Rainbow Ribbon Jello

I've got a recipe for rainbow jello to share.  

But it comes with a brief warning.  

This recipe is purely meant for children.  Grownups will probably find it pretty disgusting.  It tastes like you've got 6 flavors of Jolly Rancher in your mouth at the same time.  But children find it delightful, so that is reason enough to make it.          

Here's how to make Rainbow Jello

CLEAR YOUR SCHEDULE: It will literally take all day to make this.       

TELL THE KIDS TO SCRAM:  They will just stick their fingers in the Jello and spoil the whole thing.  

GATHER YOUR INGREDIENTS:  6 boxes of Jello (3oz), 2 boxes of Knox Unflavored Gelaten, and 2 cans of sweetened condensed milk (14oz)

GET ORGANIZED:  Lay out 6 small bowls and add 1 package of Jello and and a 1/2 of an envelope of Knox Gelaten to each bowl.  Lightly grease a clear 13x9 pan.  Get a kettle of water boiling.    

MAKE A JELLO LAYER:  Add 1 cup boiling water to a bowl of Jello and Knox.  Mix to dissolve.  Pour it into the pan and refrigerate it for 30 minutes.   

MAKE THE WHITE LAYERS:  In a small bowl, mix a 1/2 cup cold water with 2 envelopes of Knox Gelaten.  Let the gelaten soften for a few minutes, and then add a 1/2 cup boiling water to completely dissolve it.  In a larger bowl, mix 1 can of sweetened condensed milk with 1 cup boiling water.  Mix the bowl of gelaten with the bowl of milk.  This will make enough for first three milk layers.  Make the second batch when you run out.  

REPEAT:  Go back and forth between the jello layers and the milk layers.  Each layer needs to chill for 30 minutes before you add the next one.  Every time a milk layer goes into the fridge, you should mix up the next Jello bowl.  That way the Jello will have 30 minutes to cool down before you add it to the pan.    

WHEN YOU GET TO THE LAST LAYER:  Put the pan in the fridge for a couple more hours until it is completely set.  It would be heartbreaking if you did all this work and then biffed it at the end.  Be patient.  Don't cut into it too soon.  

JELLO FUN:  Once it's done you can cut it into all kinds of crazy shapes.  Cookie cutters work really well.  You can bring the kids back in to help with this part.     

-----One more thing-----

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A BACK-UP PLAN:  If you want to take this to a party, then make it at least one day in advance.  There are 11 layers to this thing, so there are 11 chances for it to go wrong.  You'll either show up at the party with a Jello masterpiece...or a box of Archway cookies.

Rainbow Jello

the Mom Bun

the Mom Bun