Keto Curried Cauliflower Hummus

Low Carb Keto Curried Cauliflower Hummus

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This curried cauliflower hummus is a tasty app with just 43 calories and 2g net carbs per serving.



32 oz riced cauliflower

1/4 cup coconut cream

1 tablespoon red curry paste

1 tablespoon curry powder

1/2 teaspoon salt


  1.  Add riced cauliflower to a medium sized microwave safe bowl.  Microwave on High for 8 minutes.  Allow to cool in the bowl until it is cool enough to handle.
  2. In two batches, add cauliflower rice to a clean tea towel and wring the water out of the cauliflower.  You should be able to squeeze 1 1/2 cups of liquid out.  You'll have 2 cups cooked cauliflower.  Make sure to wash the tea towel the same day you use it or it will get very stinky.
  3. Add all ingredients to a food processor or high powered blender and process until smooth and completely combined.
  4. Serve with cucumbers, carrots, celery, tomatoes, etc.


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